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February 21, 2012 / leonie

Jherinomus Bosch

During my recent trip to ‘s Hertogenbosch, I also visited the Jherinomus Bosch Art Center. This art center has a reproduction of all the paintings by Jherinomus Bosch and 3D sculptures of some of the creatures that can be found in his paintings.

Jheronimus Bosch was a Dutch painter who lived from about 1450 to1516. His paintings are mainly bible scenes depicting the battle between good and evil. What makes the paintings interesting is the interpretation by Jherinomus Bosch. Demons are often characterized by fish and other creatures that look familiar but when studying them more closely, one finds that they are not the familiar animals at all. The first photo is a 3D sculpture of papier mache (?) of  a demon that can be found in one of his paintings.

For more information about Jheronimus Bosch, check out this link:

3D sculpture of one of Jeronimus Bosch's creatures


Detail of the fence around the art center


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